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It was 2013 when I bought my first Bitcoin, but I was studying and working as IT so I couldn’t follow it much, then bitcoin crashed.

In 2016 is when I decided to go all-in crypto, and boy, oh boy, what a ride! I’ve been up and down, more than I ever dreamed of, it happened FAST, it made me feel like a genius on the way up and then it humbled me on the way down.

There are more than a few stories that I will tell to my grandchildren about this era and some I couldn’t, and by the look of it, I might be able to add some more to the list.



I’ve studied programming for fun since I was a kid, my father first taught me how to build a website using the notepad when computers and the internet were a rare luxury.

I fell in love with AutoIT. it allowed me to cheat at games and make bots that would play for me while sleeping or at class back when I was 14. It also allowed me to bypass faucets for profit, but never exploited it due lack of funds to escale it and legal concerns.

Briefly studied ML, Python, Java, Android to name a few.


I’ve mined at home, mostly for fun and helped a bigger mining operation to escale the set-up of new machines, I made a tool that installed windows, drivers, software… everything needed without the help of Active Directory or anything, just scripting. You just assembled the machine, booted from a USB and 40 minutes later it was mining without manual, like magic.


Worked in the IT field, used my automation skills to save many hours of work when we had to update to Windows 10 hundreds of computers.

It wasn’t for me, but I learned a lot about leading and organizing myself.


I’ve also loved hacking, how couldn’t I.

I created a tool for privilege escalation on windows, and came by with some vectors of attack that I never developed and saw materialized years later.

Note to self: Future blog post.(WindowsBully; Bypassing captchas and owning faucets)

Studied pen-testing for fun.